Barbara Stokes From Green Structure Homes Aids Disaster Victims

Anytime a disaster strikes, a balancing act is necessary. The impacts and needs of the disaster are often unique and need immediate action. Full recovery may take some time since it undergoes multiple stages. In most cases, local workforce does not have enough equipment to deal with the circumstances. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) comes in to assist the state workforce. FEMA come to the ground not only to restore essential services but also to provide shelter and safety to the affected people. The agency continuously plans to ensure all the resources are ready for timely supply for any natural disasters. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Homeland Security, in its emergency response strategies, recommends cities to keep essentials and have fuel supplies as well as standby generators in emergency shelters. The purpose of the plan is to enable housing of the residents for about one week during power outages. The week during a disaster allows institutions to organize more resources. Some of such vital members include CORE or Cadre of On Call Response/Recovery Employees, which consist of over 10,000 trained disaster responders.


In addition to the employees, there are many contractors and business willing to help disaster victims. Some of them have a contract with FEMA and respond directly to affected areas. The companies help in rebuilding infrastructure, housing to victims, providing goods and essential services as well as creating jobs for the locals. One of such companies is Green Structure Homes (GSH). The company develops modular homes of different sizes and offers temporary home designs, which meet federal guidelines such as construction, safety, and quality of materials. The homes are safe and comfortable and GSH assembles them after a few days. The homes also have fire sprinkler systems.

Barbara Stokes is the founder and the CEO of GSH, which is a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor. Scott Stokes, her husband, is the COO of the company. The headquarters of the company is in Huntsville. Under FEMA contract, the company has grown rapidly. It has recently won competitive contract awards of over $45 million. GSH offers homes made of quality materials as well as top-notch construction. The homes allow victims to move on with their lives smoothly as they rebuild their communities. The homes are affordable as well as functional. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Paul Mampilly and What His Discovery of The Greatest Medical Breakthrough Could Mean For Your Wealth

You rarely get trusted news sources today, especially with the proliferation of fake news and sites that aim to bait you for clicks. Fortunately, there are still sources likes Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited from Banyan Hill that acts as a good platform to spread reputable investment information and other trading tips that talk about topics along the lines of increasing rate of asset growth.


Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History


We hear from another reliable source Stock Gumshoe that right now Paul Mampilly’s coverage of a company that has exciting and life-changing innovation in precision medicine. Mampilly gives out clue that he has access on his hands using rigorous study what other people have no access yet. He said that he has news of a $1.5 billion company that would be able to change everything we need to know about the current ways the field of medicine is getting the new process changes it undergoes.

It is also through the article that we read that Paul Mampilly’s story of precision medicine is nothing new, but the new trends that come out of it today would make the current level of medicine study we have today even more rigorous and expansive. We also get another hint that this company that would soon rise and fly is formed in the early 1990s, and its CEO is just a 25-year-old biotech pioneer that can bring out the best of the scientific minds out there to develop the kind of medicine no previous generation has been able to push. Read this article at




It is also in the same report that this company is said to be an expert in regards to molecular diagnostic DNA sequencing. At present, the programs it implements have also been able to expand the medical field regarding cancer cure research and research on rheumatoid arthritis. Paul Mampilly has also given a lot of informational clues that go along the lines of promoting Myriad Genetics, which is right now leading in regards to cancer risk research and predicting disease progressions and treatment efficacies.


For now, Myriad Genetics has drawn a lot of attention of investors because it is primarily priced low and the rise of its market value perception is off the charts. It is hard to see any other medical firm out there that seem to have reached the same level of interest. It is also shown that the stocks of Myriad have also been growing pretty well since the teaser promotion that it received from Paul Mampilly a few months back. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

What’s Next For Luiz Carlos Trabuco And Bradesco Bank?

Earlier this year, Bradesco Bank announced that Octavio de Lazari Junior would soon be replacing Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as president of the company. The transition of power was made official on March 12 during the Ordinary General Meeting. Lazari, aged 54, has been a steadfast employee of the organization since a teenager. He originally intended to leave Bradesco to pursue a career as a professional football player, however, in the end, he decided on making Bradesco his entire career. At that time he fully intended to work up in the company as high as possible, but he says he never dreamt that he would one day be its president.

Lazari first entered company leadership in the 1990s when was made the director of the Credit Department. In 2010 he was promoted to the director of the Loans and Financing Department. In 2017 he was made Bradesco’s executive vice president and the president of its branch, Bradesco Seguros. His leadership of Seguros has seen its market share rise by 26%. This transition of power in Bradesco is the end of a domino effect began in October when Lazaro de Mello Brandao resigned from his position of chairman of the board of Bradesco.

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In light of this vacated position, Trabuco decided to go ahead and retire as president and to fill it. The board immediately set themselves to looking for the bank’s next president. Under consideration have been Bradesco’s seven presidents. And after much debate, deliberation and consideration, it was determined that Lazari was the best candidate. Lazari his new role very seriously. He knows all too well that he is filling the massive footprints filled by his predecessors. One of the big things he will be working on at this early stage of his career is pension reform. During his earlier years, Lazari obtained a degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of Osasco.

Trabuco worked as a clerk in Bradesco when he was a teenager. He graduated from University of Sao Paolo with degree of Philosophy. He was appointed to serve as the credit officer then the project manager of the finance department. And he achieved different executive positions within the bank because of dedication and hardwork he showed.


Whitney Wolfe Provides Women The Platform To Get Together

One thing that people do need in society is friendship. Women are especially in need of friends. For one thing, they have to deal with a lot of challenges in a world that is rather cruel and unfair to them. Even the prettiest women have to deal with a lot of foul treatment from men with all of the unwanted attention they get on a daily basis. Even online, they have to deal with all of the unwanted attention from men. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has thought about a solution that can help women meet together and uplift one another. This solution is a platform called Bumble BFF.

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One of the best things about Bumble BFF is that it is the one space where women can get together to actually talk with one another without having to worry about the men butting into their conversation. They get to share their experiences and their concerns with one another so that they can support one another. This is also a platform where women can find people of like minds so that they can share a harmonious friendship. After all, Whitney Wolfe is aware that some women can be rather toxic to certain others.

CEO Whitney Wolfe herself has been very grateful of the support that she received from people when she had her hard days. She has known that there are some women and girls that go through similar circumstances and even worse without the support that she has gotten. Whitney Wolfe has designed BFF so that women can find the support they need for when they go through their hardships according to BFF is also there for women that just need someone to talk to. BFF is part of the empowerment that Whitney Wolfe has planned for women. One thing that is great about Whitney is that she is willing to empower women at no expense.

Check more about Whitney Wolfe:

Highland Capital Management’s New Endowment & Participation

It was recently reported that Highland Capital Management gave a $10 million endowment gift in support of the series of the public program called “Engage at the Bush Center”. Highland Capital Management, L.P., is an investment manager of a multibillion-dollar global alternative that was found in 1993. The founders are Mark Okada and Jim Dondero. This firm operates in various asset structures and classes within alternative funding, including separate accounts, hedge funds, special situations private equity, distressed situations private equity, mutual funds, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), and ETFs. The diversified client base of the firm includes foundations, pension plans, corporations, fund of funds, financial institutions, high net-worth individuals, and governments. Also, the headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas with offices also located in New York, São Paulo, Singapore, Buenos Aires, and Seoul. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

The announcement was made several days ago by the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, Jim Dondero, and by the CEO of the Bush Presidential Center, Kenneth Hersh. Through this endowment, Highland Capital will sponsor different events held through the annually Engage series. Also, Dondero is joining the Hersh’s Executive Advisory Council.

Since 2012, Highland Capital donated over $5 million to the Bush Center. Also, Highland Capital has been one of the founding benefactors which assisted in funding the Bush Center facilities’ development that launched in 2013.

Their first event of this series will take place on Monday, February 5th. It will be a two-part program collaborating with the National Constitution Center. Also, registering has already begun at, and the admission is free. Christopher Scalia, son of the late Antonin Scalia, a former US Supreme Court Justice member and the author of Scalia Speaks: Reflections of Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived. The second part of this meeting will feature an expert panel discussing today’s media landscape and what James Madison, a First Amendment author, think about it. Read this article at Dallas News.

Since 2015, these Engage series have been a vital pillar of the Bush Center’s Engagement Agenda. It also has attracted sellout crowds, including past programs featuring a broad range of newsmakers and thought leaders, such as Dr. Condoleeza Rice, former NSA and CIA director, General Michael Hayden, and Saturday Night Live creators, Barbara Bush, Jenna Bush Hager, and Lorne Michaels. Additional programs support the Bush Center museum’s special exhibits, including the recent Portraits of Courage, featuring President Bush’s post-9/11 veterans’ paintings.


Anyone Can Sell With Organo Gold

Oregano Gold is a marketing system which multi-level marketers use for trades. Those trades are multi-faceted for sales. It is valued at $31.6 billion by the Direct Selling Association. That association is a group of the top marketers today.Here’s some information about how it all works.

Direct Sales

Organo Gold is geared towards direct marketing. Most of the sales are generated in a tier system for the maximum profit for all members. Members must participate and follow a moral guide to ethics. Failure to adhere to it can result in being dropped from the system. Some people that apply can’t get into the tier system because they must meet certain standards. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

About the Company

It sells coffee and related products, nutraceuticals and personal care products. The company offers samples to preview the products before purchase. As distributors anyone can sell the products themselves for a profit. Sellers can sell full time or as a part-time income.


Based on the “The Napoleon Hill Foundation,” it is a concept for sales that makes use the power of the Law of Attraction to sell items. It’s more than sales. It’s a whole process of building a community of salespeople that collaborate together to get rich.

Some of the Products

– Organo™ Café Latte

– Organo™ Premium Gourmet Organic King of Coffee

– Organo™ Gourmet Black Coffee

– Organo™ Gourmet Café Supreme

– Organo™ Gourmet Hot Cocoa

– Organo™ Organic Green Tea with Organic Ganoderma lucidum

– Organo™ Red Tea with Cordyceps and Ganoderma lucidum

– Organo™ Black Ice



– OGX FENIX™ Rich Chocolate Shake Mix

– OGX FENIX™ Creamy Vanilla Nutritional Shake Mix

– Organo™ Ganoderma Lucidum

– Organo™ Mycelium

– Organo™ Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder

– Organo™ Grapeseed Oil Supplement

– Organo™ Grapeseed Oil Supplement

– Organo™ Grapeseed Oil Supplement

All of the products come in this amazing packaging. It’s one of the most professional systems on the market today. As long as someone is willing to follow the franchise rules and stay in the tier system they can make a ton of money while socializing. It’s fun and the products really sell themselves.

The System

The system is simple once you sign up. You will be assigned a tier program and can get the help that you need every step of the way. The site shares all of the information for anyone that is interested in selling through their system. Read more at about Organo Gold.

How the Mighty Fortress Church Differs from Others

Since church can be a formal and stuffy experience for some people, it tends to turn many of them off to what they are doing while they are at the church. Some people simply don’t want to go because of the issues they have with a traditional church environment. Mighty Fortress Church is not like that. Mighty Fortress Church is a church where everyone can feel welcome and not have to deal with the same boring monotony that many find while they are at a regular church. Mighty Fortress Church focuses on teaching the Word of God instead of trying to maintain rituals or other things that can be distracting to God’s teaching. Watch this video on Youtube.

Bishop Thomas Williams knows a lot about The Word and about helping people have a better understanding of what God wants from them. He knows there are things he can do to help make the church better. As the founder of the church, he has learned there are different things that will help him make more sense of The Word while he continues to show people God’s way for them. While it is based in Minneapolis, MN, Mighty Fortress Church tries to reach people all around the world through their international ministries.

One of the hallmarks of Mighty Fortress Church is their “come as you are” attitude. Thomas Williams made sure people were able to feel comfortable. He welcomes all people who are from all races and all different backgrounds. He knows it doesn’t take a stuffy chapel, fancy clothes or anything extra for people to worship and live in God’s word. He wants everyone to feel welcome and encourages different people to come and try the church no matter what they are doing or what they had done previously with the churches they did or didn’t attend.



Thanks to the attitude Bishop Thomas Williams has, Mighty Fortress Church has continued to grow. They reach a lot of people on a regular basis and that’s how they are able to make sure they are doing their best with God’s Word. Mighty Fortress Church keeps getting bigger and more people keep coming. The more people who come to the church, the more options they’ll have for learning about what God wants and how they can have a better life through His way of living. It is how the church will continue teaching people and showing them they can be successful. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Conversion Rate Optimization Gets Enhanced With AI Technology

Sentient Technologies is a global leader in Artificial Intelligence distribution. It has launched Sentient Ascend. This is a Conversion Rate Optimization tool with a difference. This is because Sentient Ascend is going to use artificial intelligence in order to develop winning designs for that can be utilized by the online marketers.

This also means that manual usage of A/B testing that was being done for Conversion Rate Optimization will not be required anymore. This is due to the emergence of technological ideas including Sentient Ascend. This is making use of AI technologies.

Conversion Rate Optimization refers to a methodology driven by data. It helps in monitoring the growth of a business. This is achieved by improving its key metrics. The Sentient Ascend has ensured that the Conversion Rate Optimization becomes a critical invention as it helps all kinds of users to understand and appreciate the importance of AI. This is required as AI can focus on the most important part of any business. This will always be the customer, or the creation of ideas, or the improvement of outcomes for the business and users too. The Sentient Ascend will help the online marketers with copying creating and designing of images besides allowing for interaction changes. This will help to increase revenues as well as rate conversions.

Sentient Ascend claims that it can improve conversion rate by nearly 100 times. The Sentient Ascend CRO solution will ensure that the testing, as well as conversion speeds, become much faster than the current speeds that are being experienced in these A/B testing solutions. This is because the A/B speed testing tools that exist now can evaluate just the impact of any one single marketing idea at a given time. Besides this, the A/B speeds need some amount of traffic that is directed towards it in order to operate. But Sentient Ascend assures that marketers are able to test several ideas concurrently.

This is a new technology. It is expected to achieve all these results due to the artificial intelligence along with the evolutionary algorithms that are being used that will simulate a biological evolution. Making use of these two separate technological approaches will make it easy for the tool to mutate variables, change, combine, as well as maximize fitness. All this will be based on those metrics that will be produced by the system. This will lead to conversions as well as revenues.

OSI Group Acquires Tyson Food Plant And Baho Foods

The OSI Group is a award winning global food provider that always ensures the highest quality of foods and holds itself up to some of the industry’s most rigorous standards.

OSI recently acquired a Tyson Food Plant in Chicago, Illinois for $7.4 million and many who were going to lose their job due to a possible plant shutdown were offered to stay on with OSI after the acquisition. The 200,000 square-foot facility is close to another OSI Chicago based facility and will help to support growth for OSI and help to meet the needs of their customers.

Since OSI Group won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council, an award that recognizes companies whom hold themselves up to the highest standards of health; safety; and environmental concerns, the people of Chicago can be proud knowing that their food is being served up by a premier provider that always holds the people it serves as its number one concern.


Aside from Tyson Foods, OSI Group recently purchased Baho Foods, which is a dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, snacks and deli meats serving the food service and retail segments. Baho has five companies with processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany, which include Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, and Bakx Foods. John Balvers, managing director of Baho Foods, and his management team were more than happy to stay on and work as part of the OSI Group. John felt that, “With our combined strengths we will be even better able to support our customers in realizing their strategy and offer them a broader product portfolio. This transaction will accelerate our growth strategy and support us in jointly realizing our goals.” OSI Group continues to expand its presence and serve people up foods that are held to industry-high safety and health standards.

Find more details about OSI Group at

From Rags to Riches: Malini Saba’s Story

The life of Malini Saba is one to be celebrated. Malini Saba is current the Chairwoman of the successful Saban investment firm. Here firm currently boasts investments in several worldwide industries, including technology, the oil and gas sector, and real estate.


Malini has extremely humble beginnings, being born in Sri Lanka and coming to the United States when she was only 19 years old. She had a measly $200 in her pocket, but she did not let that keep her down. She met and married a Stanford student and was able to go to classes for free and learn about business and investing. As her interest in investment grew, she would travel to banks and other investment firms to simply ask the higher-ups what it would take to become extremely successful in investing. This gave her the drive and idea to start her own venture capital firm.


Malini is also a very involved philanthropist. Growing up in Asia, she knew the plight that women and children faced in the poorer parts of the world. This is why she started the nonprofit Stree, an organization that is designed to help low income and women and children that are considered “at-risk.” This organization gives them the ability to fight laws and the confidence to work with public policy in parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe. This organization also gives access to healthcare to the people that need it. Her philanthropy does not stop there. She also gives away millions of dollars to those causes that she deems fit. For example, after the tsunamis ravaged the island nation of Sri Lanka, her birthplace, she gave $10 million to the country to help rebuild and provide relief.


Now, with her record in philanthropy and her success in the business world, Malini Saba works to make her mark on the global market. In an interview that she did with Ideamensch, Malini explains that she does not like to go with trends that are happening right now, but she attacks markets that she thinks will be doing well in 3 to 5 years. She will invest in the risky parts of the world, finding that they will often provide the highest rates of return. Work is not her entire life, however. Malini is also very conscious about being there for her child, whom she will always drive to and from school. Overall, Malini Saba has conquered both the financial and the spiritual world.