Skout and How Friends can Help With Dieting

Skout has conducted a survey which has shown that according to the result, people believe that friends can be more helpful than anything else. One of the areas that friends are very helpful is when it comes to dieting. While there are a lot of articles and gadgets that talk about the latest dieting gimmick that is designed to help people melt off the pounds within a month or so, people realize that it is encouragement from close friends and family members that help them lose the unwanted pounds. For one thing, when one knows that others care about him, he’ll have more motivation to pursue his goals.

Skout itself is very innovative about its social network. The company encourages others to meet up. While other social networks do allow for friends, they are also used for marketing. This often puts a limit on how close people can get to each other. Skout moves the limits. Skout also looks for ways that it could improve its services. One very crucial trait of Skout is that it cares about its customers. It cares what they think and is really interested in helping them achieve their goals in relationships.

One thing that Skout does that is unique is that it directs users to a grid that shows pictures of other users. The grid often changes as people go on and offline. For the smartphone or mobile devices, the user can just tap the image in order to open the profile. The user could then message the person and a conversation may ensue. If they connect, then that could be the start of a friendship that is life giving. When it comes to activities on the site, they do cost points. However, it is worth it because there are various ways to gain points.

Skout’s system is powerful in that it could help people form friendships that are positive. All one has to do is to talk about his interests and goals and then he will be connected with people that have similar goals. The main thing that people need are friends that will help them get to the best of themselves. People will feel good about themselves with friends. This s because they are with friends that allow them to be who they are and change what they want without trying to change each other. Skout has proven to be one of the most revolutionary sites for relationships.

A Few Facts You Should Know About Brenda Wardle

Very few South African court cases have managed to get the kind of media attention that the Oscar Pistorius case did in 2014. The case managed to create and attract a lot of controversies as well. The judge delivered a verdict that Oscar was not guilty of murder but guilty of homicide and reckless weapon handling. The defendant received a sentence of a maximum of five years and a concurrent three years suspended sentence or the separate reckless gun handling conviction.

The reason the case managed to attract a lot of media attention was precisely because of both Oscar and his late model girlfriend’s (whom he had shot dead and the reason the trial was happening) public statuses. Before the incident, the couple was the envy of many young people around the world. In February of the same year, Steenkamp (the model’s girlfriend’s name) was shot dead by Oscar in his Pretoria home. In his argument, Oscar was saying that he shot her mistaking her for an intruder. After the incident, he was arrested and formally charged with murder.

The High Court in Pretoria had also rules that only selected parts of the trial could be broadcast on television. However, it allowed the entire trial proceedings to be recorded in audio format. Only the closing and opening ceremonies, testimonies of consenting witnesses, judgement and sentencing were allowed for video recording.

Brenda Wardle is a South African global renowned legal analyst. In her career, she has been able to produce analysis for top global and South African court cases. During the Oscar Pistorius case, she was a regular analyst both in the local and global platforms.

Wardle has three law degrees and is currently registered for a Doctors of Laws degree with the University of South Africa. She has also published very many articles in the South African Law Journal which have been read widely. She has appeared in numerous prime-time television interviews being interviewed by the creme de la creme in legal affairs.

Brenda has been very actively involved in writing that is not also limited to law journals and newspapers. She has in the past also written content that has been embraced and used by the South African procurement sector. She has a gift when it comes to analyzing law matters and has written a book on the Pistorius case that was and is being received by many very warmly.

Wardle discusses Pistorius Case