Handy Does It All And Does It Well

Apps exist for a variety of services and functions. Scores of apps serve no purpose other than to allow the user to engage in leisure-time activities. Other apps serve important purposes. The Handy app allows anyone in need of home cleaning or maintenance work to book a fantastic freelancer at a fantastic price. And yes, the user can pay for the service right on a smartphone.

Millions of people are paying millions of dollars to use the Handy app. They are quite pleased with what it can do. The Handy company has also pleased investors and done so greatly. $50 million in venture capital has been directed to the company. The money is being used quite well. Handy is expanding all over the globe while its competitors crumble. One of Handy’s main competitors invested a tremendous amount of money into an innovative advertising campaign. The money was not exactly well spent. The competitor went, as the saying goes, belly up.

Handy is doing a lot better. According to Realestatetechnews, the company is worth about $500 million. That number is sure to increase because Handy keeps adding new services, affiliating with more freelancers, opening new offices, and just flat out succeeding with all its endeavors.

Handy is based out of New York and is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs who came up with a simple idea. They would connect home cleaning professionals with people in need of home cleaning work. Both service provider and customer had issues with the standard home cleaning companies who traditionally provide these services. Clients don’t like poor customer service and high fees. Freelancers do not like low pay and poor treatment. Handy allows the two parties to connect with a much easier and friendlier middleman. Millions of bookings have resulted. Handy is redefining the home services industry in a phenomenal way.

The company has only been around since 2012. The fast growth of the massively successful startup truly is remarkable. Handy CEO Oisin Hanrahan — also a co-founder — truly should be proud of the business he has managed. Startups are not exactly known for succeeding. The vast majority fold up shop within three years. Handy is doing extremely well and is approaching its fifth year in operation.

The future looks like it is going to be kind to Handy. People do want their homes cleaned, their furniture delivered, and various retail store products assembled. Handy has access to the best people capable of handling those duties.



Skout and How Friends can Help With Dieting

Skout has conducted a survey which has shown that according to the result, people believe that friends can be more helpful than anything else. One of the areas that friends are very helpful is when it comes to dieting. While there are a lot of articles and gadgets that talk about the latest dieting gimmick that is designed to help people melt off the pounds within a month or so, people realize that it is encouragement from close friends and family members that help them lose the unwanted pounds. For one thing, when one knows that others care about him, he’ll have more motivation to pursue his goals.

Skout itself is very innovative about its social network. The company encourages others to meet up. While other social networks do allow for friends, they are also used for marketing. This often puts a limit on how close people can get to each other. Skout moves the limits. Skout also looks for ways that it could improve its services. One very crucial trait of Skout is that it cares about its customers. It cares what they think and is really interested in helping them achieve their goals in relationships.

One thing that Skout does that is unique is that it directs users to a grid that shows pictures of other users. The grid often changes as people go on and offline. For the smartphone or mobile devices, the user can just tap the image in order to open the profile. The user could then message the person and a conversation may ensue. If they connect, then that could be the start of a friendship that is life giving. When it comes to activities on the site, they do cost points. However, it is worth it because there are various ways to gain points.

Skout’s system is powerful in that it could help people form friendships that are positive. All one has to do is to talk about his interests and goals and then he will be connected with people that have similar goals. The main thing that people need are friends that will help them get to the best of themselves. People will feel good about themselves with friends. This s because they are with friends that allow them to be who they are and change what they want without trying to change each other. Skout has proven to be one of the most revolutionary sites for relationships.