Jessica Boskoff the Amazing Designer and Event Planner

Jessica Boskoff is the founder of Twenty Three Layers. In an interview, Jessica explains that she is always inspired by creative and artful styles that she discovers daily in the wedding industry. Her favorite designers are color-lovers at heart. She likes them because they love texture and contrast. She says that they are never afraid of infusing fun in all their designs.

If you are a lover of color and love designers who break tradition by embracing the modern and playful style then this article will excite you. When you just look at her floral you clearly see her love and amazing eye for design and her beautiful way of styling.

Recently, the stylish designer designed this shoot. She said that they decided to come up with a styled shoot as a way of celebrating their brand’s new look. According to Jessica, they were lucky to have one of their favorite photographers Vanessa Tierney to capture the wonderful moments. Jessica says that she wanted to have some fun by adding a layer of style to their brand. She uses vibrant colors, stylish props and sweet treats.

When Jessica was asked about the colors that she loves most she said that she loves blush things, aqua and mint. It is for that reason that she had to incorporate pastels into the shoot. There were colorful pillows, beautiful desserts and fun décor during the shoot. They all added a feeling of playfulness and whimsy that Jessica really loves. During the interview, she said that she cannot get enough of the shoot.

The touch of pink peonies and the darling cupcakes was out if this world. During the interview, Jessica explained that being is a designer she is able to express what she feels through styling. According to her, designing is amazing. Jessica explained that she likes working in her own creative space since it allows her to what she loves. She considers that applicable various aspects of her life including entertaining family and friends and events planning.

Jessica loves inspiration. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning and design firm that operates in New York. Thus, if you are in need of an event planner in NYC, do not hesitate to hire her services. You can follow Jessica on Instagram.