Choose Any One Of The Great FreedomPop Phone Plans

Although FreedomPop is offering a free cell phone plan to everyone, some don’t feel that they can stick with the free plan because they may not have enough talk time or text messages. Data usage is also a concern for those who don’t want the free service, but they can still utilize the services that FreedomPop is offering for a great price. Starting with the free plan, those that want to know more about it can always check out any FreedomPop review before going to the website, or ask a retailer for more information. Anyone who wants a FreedomPop plan must have a CDMA phone from Sprint or and unlocked GSM phone.

The GSM phone will take the FreedomPop sim card, which has to be purchased online and shipped to the person ordering it. After the Sim card is received, it’s inserted into the GSM phone to begin using service after FreedomPop has activated the sim card. Those that have the free cell phone plan will be able to get 200 minutes of talk time, 500 text messages, and now, 200 MB of data is offered for free. Anyone who wants to up their data to 700 MB should add 10 FreedomPop friends to their account, and they’ll get additional data.

Anyone who does not want the free cell phone plan can get a paid plan, which varies in price. The paid plan will give additional data, minutes, and text messages, and this is all for a small fee every month. Those that are about to go over their data limit will get a warning once they are within 100 MB of depleting their data, and they can keep their automatic top up on, or they can choose to pay for extra data when they need it.

It’s always a good idea to use Wi-Fi service whenever a person is on the free plan from FreedomPop if they want to get additional data for their phone. Those who don’t want the free plan or a paid plan can go to the unlimited plan, which gives them all the services they need. There is no need to worry about anything on the unlimited plan, except those who need more than one gigabyte of 4G LTE data may want to connect with their Wi-Fi service if they have it at home or another Wi-Fi service to get 4G LTE speeds on the Internet at all times.

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