Paul Mampilly and What His Discovery of The Greatest Medical Breakthrough Could Mean For Your Wealth

You rarely get trusted news sources today, especially with the proliferation of fake news and sites that aim to bait you for clicks. Fortunately, there are still sources likes Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited from Banyan Hill that acts as a good platform to spread reputable investment information and other trading tips that talk about topics along the lines of increasing rate of asset growth.


Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History


We hear from another reliable source Stock Gumshoe that right now Paul Mampilly’s coverage of a company that has exciting and life-changing innovation in precision medicine. Mampilly gives out clue that he has access on his hands using rigorous study what other people have no access yet. He said that he has news of a $1.5 billion company that would be able to change everything we need to know about the current ways the field of medicine is getting the new process changes it undergoes.

It is also through the article that we read that Paul Mampilly’s story of precision medicine is nothing new, but the new trends that come out of it today would make the current level of medicine study we have today even more rigorous and expansive. We also get another hint that this company that would soon rise and fly is formed in the early 1990s, and its CEO is just a 25-year-old biotech pioneer that can bring out the best of the scientific minds out there to develop the kind of medicine no previous generation has been able to push. Read this article at




It is also in the same report that this company is said to be an expert in regards to molecular diagnostic DNA sequencing. At present, the programs it implements have also been able to expand the medical field regarding cancer cure research and research on rheumatoid arthritis. Paul Mampilly has also given a lot of informational clues that go along the lines of promoting Myriad Genetics, which is right now leading in regards to cancer risk research and predicting disease progressions and treatment efficacies.


For now, Myriad Genetics has drawn a lot of attention of investors because it is primarily priced low and the rise of its market value perception is off the charts. It is hard to see any other medical firm out there that seem to have reached the same level of interest. It is also shown that the stocks of Myriad have also been growing pretty well since the teaser promotion that it received from Paul Mampilly a few months back. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.