Stephen Murray Was a Captain of Finance

Stephen Murray is best remembered as the former president, CEO, and founding partner of CCMP Capital. He served as president and CEO of the company until leaving in early 2015 due to health concerns. His storied rise with the company began in 1989 when it was then known as Chase Capital Partners, one of the biggest private equity firms in the world.

Murray was only 52 when his health concerns led to his stepping down as president and CEO of CCMP Capital and he passed away only two months afterward.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

Stephen Murray began his career by earning a bachelor’s degree in economics from Boston College then an MBA from Columbia Business School before getting into private equity. He began as a credit trainee with Manufacturers Hanover where he would later become vice-president of lending. When Manufacturers Hanover was acquired by JPMorgan in 2000, Murray was promoted to lead their buyout operations.

Later, as president and CEO of CCMP Capital he would lead the firm in staking out independently from the JPMorgan brand. Murray quickly allayed skepticism of whether the firm would succeed without financial backing from JPMorgan or without its brand recognition. CCMP Capital was able to raise $3.4 billion in its first fundraising campaign outside of JPMorgan with 80% of the funding coming from outside investors.  Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52 and This Old Thing? Private Equity Honcho Drops Little Place Uptown for $11M

Stephen Murray was also active in helping build and improve other businesses as part of CCMP Capital investments, sitting on the board of companies like AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s, Aramark, Crestcom International, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, and Strongwood Insurance Holdings, among many others.

Additionally, Stephen Murray parlayed his business success into supporting local non-profits like the Stamford Museum and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield Country through charitable contributions, as well as hosting fundraising events and serving as a chairman for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. He would also give back to his alma mater, Boston College, by serving as its vice-chairman of the board of trustees.

Jessica Boskoff the Amazing Designer and Event Planner

Jessica Boskoff is the founder of Twenty Three Layers. In an interview, Jessica explains that she is always inspired by creative and artful styles that she discovers daily in the wedding industry. Her favorite designers are color-lovers at heart. She likes them because they love texture and contrast. She says that they are never afraid of infusing fun in all their designs.

If you are a lover of color and love designers who break tradition by embracing the modern and playful style then this article will excite you. When you just look at her floral you clearly see her love and amazing eye for design and her beautiful way of styling.

Recently, the stylish designer designed this shoot. She said that they decided to come up with a styled shoot as a way of celebrating their brand’s new look. According to Jessica, they were lucky to have one of their favorite photographers Vanessa Tierney to capture the wonderful moments. Jessica says that she wanted to have some fun by adding a layer of style to their brand. She uses vibrant colors, stylish props and sweet treats.

When Jessica was asked about the colors that she loves most she said that she loves blush things, aqua and mint. It is for that reason that she had to incorporate pastels into the shoot. There were colorful pillows, beautiful desserts and fun décor during the shoot. They all added a feeling of playfulness and whimsy that Jessica really loves. During the interview, she said that she cannot get enough of the shoot.

The touch of pink peonies and the darling cupcakes was out if this world. During the interview, Jessica explained that being is a designer she is able to express what she feels through styling. According to her, designing is amazing. Jessica explained that she likes working in her own creative space since it allows her to what she loves. She considers that applicable various aspects of her life including entertaining family and friends and events planning.

Jessica loves inspiration. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning and design firm that operates in New York. Thus, if you are in need of an event planner in NYC, do not hesitate to hire her services. You can follow Jessica on Instagram.

Lime Crime Finds Unbelievable Success on Instagram


When it comes to social media and fashion, Lime Crime and its fantastically original founder Doe Deere are beginning to dominate by attracting over 2 million followers to the popular social media outlet. That size of a following makes them one of the more powerful forces in the fashion world and it is because of the innovation and originality of the approach they take to connect with clients all over the world that sets them apart. Doe Deere has made a career out of ignoring and contradicting the conventions of fashion and doing her own thing which has developed a loyal following that enjoy wearing bright colors that defy convention.

Lime Crime has risen to the top of the social media world by storm because they have remembered the number one rule of the medium and that is to be social. When you include followers and their contributions to hair, makeup and outfits and share their look then those followers are going to develop a loyalty to the brand and Doe Deere becomes more and more relevant. They connect with people that enjoy Lime Crime make up and the vibe that they emit. Most companies miss the point of social media by using it as another opportunity to push their products. That’s a mistake that many companies make, but one that Lime Crime sidesteps and engages with followers.

It has been eight years since Doe Deere started her upstart make up empire that has taken the fashion and style that she loves and presented it onto the canvas of the world as Lime Crime cosmetics. She constantly is able to stay ahead of the curve by relying on her lifetime of love for color and creating clothes and accessories that are colorful. It seems like she has an unfair advantage over the competition because she loves the creative process and shares her work with Instagram photos, which are a part of the reason why they have exploded on the Instagram platform. Her legions of unicorns are willing followers and participants in copying and developing her unique sense of style.

Engaging her followers is the secret of Lime Crime’s Instagram success. They do a great job of featuring posts by followers and fans. They republish them with a company hash tag and that automatically posts them to Twitter and the “featured looks” get a chance to go viral. The individuality of their artwork, hair, nail artwork or use of lipstick can be shared and copied with the rest of the world. The community that creates this connection with people is going to be successful and continue to grow.

There is an instant feedback that social media provides and it is showing that Lime Crime and their fearless campaign to be original and connect with their followers is a great way to build a following that will be loyal and become buyers. This makes Doe Deere and Lime Crime a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world, in social media and anywhere else they choose to venture.

Follow Doe Deere on Instagram.

Qnet Charitable Outreach

It always stands out when a very large and successful company still takes time and resources to give back to communities in need. Qnet, a leading e-commerce company, has been donating time and money to help those in less fortunate situations. Most recently, Qnet made a public announcement of their donation of Rs. 75 Lakhs to help the victims of the Chennai flood. This announcement was made at IIFA Utsavam, an awards ceremony to recognize film talent from Southern India. It is the first festival to do just that. The donation is going directly to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, which will work directly with the relief victims. 

Chennai is a city located in Southern India on the west coast facing the Indiana Ocean. They have been experiencing the greatest rainfall in 100 years and have suffered awful and damaging flooding as a result. Countless residents have been forced out of their homes and resources have become scarce. This donation is not the first time that Qnet has aided with the flood. In fact very recently, Qnet partnered with Lions Dist. 317 F Service Foundation to bring 200 families relief kits filled with household essentials such as cooking ware, sheets and more. 

Qnet’s donations and outreach efforts are often in association with other organizations. This is to ensure the highest quality care and most effective help. Qnet’s efforts are completed through their outreach program which is known as QNET- WE CARE. QNET- WE CARE is part of their CSR initiative. CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and refers to the role and responsibility corporations have in taking care of the social needs. This is exactly what QNET- WE CARE has been accomplishing through their efforts. They protect the rights and well being of those people who are less fortunate and in difficult situations. As mentioned before, it is always amazing to see a company with such large success to give back to people in need. 

As Asia’s most successful and leading direct selling company, Qnet has certainly established themselves in the world of e-commerce. They work with customers from over 100 different countries and offer products to enhance lives. Qnet was established in Hong Kong in 1998 and has since expanded its efforts to a global platform. They are currently a member of the Direct Selling Association of Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. To promote their brand, they are also involved in sports sponsorship. Their employees are encouraged to give back within their communities as well, which in turn makes them happy in their roles (Glassdoor)

Skout and How Friends can Help With Dieting

Skout has conducted a survey which has shown that according to the result, people believe that friends can be more helpful than anything else. One of the areas that friends are very helpful is when it comes to dieting. While there are a lot of articles and gadgets that talk about the latest dieting gimmick that is designed to help people melt off the pounds within a month or so, people realize that it is encouragement from close friends and family members that help them lose the unwanted pounds. For one thing, when one knows that others care about him, he’ll have more motivation to pursue his goals.

Skout itself is very innovative about its social network. The company encourages others to meet up. While other social networks do allow for friends, they are also used for marketing. This often puts a limit on how close people can get to each other. Skout moves the limits. Skout also looks for ways that it could improve its services. One very crucial trait of Skout is that it cares about its customers. It cares what they think and is really interested in helping them achieve their goals in relationships.

One thing that Skout does that is unique is that it directs users to a grid that shows pictures of other users. The grid often changes as people go on and offline. For the smartphone or mobile devices, the user can just tap the image in order to open the profile. The user could then message the person and a conversation may ensue. If they connect, then that could be the start of a friendship that is life giving. When it comes to activities on the site, they do cost points. However, it is worth it because there are various ways to gain points.

Skout’s system is powerful in that it could help people form friendships that are positive. All one has to do is to talk about his interests and goals and then he will be connected with people that have similar goals. The main thing that people need are friends that will help them get to the best of themselves. People will feel good about themselves with friends. This s because they are with friends that allow them to be who they are and change what they want without trying to change each other. Skout has proven to be one of the most revolutionary sites for relationships.

A Few Facts You Should Know About Brenda Wardle

Very few South African court cases have managed to get the kind of media attention that the Oscar Pistorius case did in 2014. The case managed to create and attract a lot of controversies as well. The judge delivered a verdict that Oscar was not guilty of murder but guilty of homicide and reckless weapon handling. The defendant received a sentence of a maximum of five years and a concurrent three years suspended sentence or the separate reckless gun handling conviction.

The reason the case managed to attract a lot of media attention was precisely because of both Oscar and his late model girlfriend’s (whom he had shot dead and the reason the trial was happening) public statuses. Before the incident, the couple was the envy of many young people around the world. In February of the same year, Steenkamp (the model’s girlfriend’s name) was shot dead by Oscar in his Pretoria home. In his argument, Oscar was saying that he shot her mistaking her for an intruder. After the incident, he was arrested and formally charged with murder.

The High Court in Pretoria had also rules that only selected parts of the trial could be broadcast on television. However, it allowed the entire trial proceedings to be recorded in audio format. Only the closing and opening ceremonies, testimonies of consenting witnesses, judgement and sentencing were allowed for video recording.

Brenda Wardle is a South African global renowned legal analyst. In her career, she has been able to produce analysis for top global and South African court cases. During the Oscar Pistorius case, she was a regular analyst both in the local and global platforms.

Wardle has three law degrees and is currently registered for a Doctors of Laws degree with the University of South Africa. She has also published very many articles in the South African Law Journal which have been read widely. She has appeared in numerous prime-time television interviews being interviewed by the creme de la creme in legal affairs.

Brenda has been very actively involved in writing that is not also limited to law journals and newspapers. She has in the past also written content that has been embraced and used by the South African procurement sector. She has a gift when it comes to analyzing law matters and has written a book on the Pistorius case that was and is being received by many very warmly.

Wardle discusses Pistorius Case